Thursday, May 19, 2011

Master Bath Renovation

As new homeowners we learned quickly that owning your own home is extremely rewarding.  If you feel like painting, you can......if you feel like changing out light fixtures, you can.....whatever it is, you can do it.  It really is great!  BUT...the one thing that IS sucky is that there are no maintenance men to call when something goes wrong...ugh!  When we moved in to our home everything was perfect.  Well, it was all perfect until the carpet in our master closet was soaking wet.  What the hey!! Wet carpet?  In the closet? The culprit....our shower was leaking! Not so fabulous news.  The other not so fabulous news was that we had a fiberglass insert shower stall that was all one piece and there was a crack in the base. 

This meant no more showering in there and the WHOLE thing had to be replaced.  We hadn't even been in our house for six months when this happened. We could have replaced the old insert with a new one (for about $300), the shower doors were brand new so we probably could have just reinstalled them, but we like to do things big. One evening we were watching TV and out of nowhere the hubby got a wild hair and decided to take the saw into the bathroom....on a school night!....this is what we were left with.
I don't know how my husband knows how to do the things that he knows how to do....I just roll with it. There were many steps to getting to where we are right now so here is a rundown.   First, he re-did the plumbing, then then the shower curb and deck

Then we had the room re-textured the same day that we re-did Hailee's room (which can be seen HERE or HERE).  Then I primed over that a few weeks ago....yes, I said a few WEEKS ago.  Today I finally painted and this is what we are rocking right now.....I'm loving it. 

 Why is the shower on fire?  It is called RedGuard which is basically a paint on water membrane to make the shower water goes on hot pink and dries red.  On the walls I used Stonington by Behr in a Semi-Gloss finish.  (Remember to use semi-gloss in area of high moisture such as in the bathroom or in the kitchen, it makes for easy cleaning.) The ceiling is Ultra White by Valspar in a Semi-Gloss finish as well ( I already had a gallon since this is the color I have been painting all of my trim and interior doors). I wanted something light and classy and I think this color scheme achieves that.  I also wanted to stay with a neutral that could easily play with many different pops of color.  We have the tile ready to go so hopefully I will be showing you a finished master bath really soon.  You can see the backside of our tile from this post.  When we moved in I had a budget set aside for fun stuff like window treatments and art, not tile and thinset, but it is what it is people.  Did you have any big projects that came up shortly after moving in?  

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  1. You and your hubby did a wonderful job, well done! Love the new colour of your shower room. Thanks for linking to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.