Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Inverted Bullnose...?

So we all know that bullnose corners are rounded wall corner edges that most of the new builders (and a lot fancy houses) have.  When the sheetrock is installed on fresh walls a corner bead is installed around the window casings and on all the corners.  It is a aluminium "protector" piece which allows your corners to hold up against bumps.  Traditionally the corners are a straight 90 degree angle, but with bullnose the angle is rounded which softens the corners of the room.  In my house I have the regular ol' squared off corners....not a big deal and much easier to work with when it comes to changing baseboard or crown moulding.  Well, regular corners except for THREE!! Two corners that are in Hailee's room and one corner in Alyssa's room are bullnosed, but "INNIE" bullnosed!!...??  Usually bullnosed are only used on outer facing corners and not inverted like this....I guess my builder was trying to be super fancy.  So I never thought much of it until recently when I was replacing the baseboard in Hailee's room.  >>Progress on that room can be seen here<<  I guess the builder didn't take much consideration of this either because they installed the baseboard at a regular 90 degree angle which led to a gap and overall just not looking right.
I had NO IDEA how to make the cuts work and I searched and searched for a tutorial on how to do it, but the only thing that I came up with was how to do the typical outward facing bullnose.  I took what I gathered from that and went with it.  On a typical 90 degree corner you would miter your edges at a 45 degree angle each but for this I cut a middle section with 22.5degree angles on each side and then my two side sections at 45 degrees.

When you trim the side pieces like above don't set you saw at any angle, just make a straight cut.  I don't think this is the "proper" way to do corners like this, and if some manly man saw this he would probably cringe all over.  Cringe, baby cringe!! 

When you have it all pieced together tack it to the wall with some finishing nails....a nail gun works best, but if your gangsta like me just use a hammer, skinny nails, and a nail setter.  Then caulk around the edges, in the seams, and over your nail holes to fill in any gaps and make it look seamless.  Touch up with paint and your done!  This is my final product....I think it turned out great if I do say so myself.  Total cost was around $30. 

Have you had any projects that you thought were going to be simple and turned into a pain?  Ever have to take 19 gazillion trips to the garage just to get your cut right?  What about your house....does it have any "fancy" little features that make you say SERIOUSLY!!? 


  1. Very nice! I love the looks of that now. Great work. :)


  2. Thanks for this post, helped me out a lot.