Sunday, May 8, 2011


I fust wanted to tell allof  the lovely mothers in blogland HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.  We live in Central California and the beach is only 2 hours from here, so that is where we spent the day yesterday.  We just went for the weather and the swimming this time.  First we went to a produce shack/outside store place and bought some apricots, cherries, and a mango.  In the back of the property they also have like a miniature petting zoo with goats, a cow, 2 donkeys, and a mini horse (along with a few other farm animals).  The kids each bought a bag of wilted produce ($.50 each) to feed the animals.  Then off to Avila Port Pier for a walk and to see the seals that nap on the docks under the Pier.  After that, we took a 7-8 minute drive to Pismo Beach for dinner and to look in all the shops. The perfect Mother's Day for me is just knowing that my kids are happy and that we are together as a family. 

I hope every mother out there had a blessed day.  I love my babies and they make my heart smile everyday.  I am proud to be able to be their mother.

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