Thursday, April 21, 2011

Room Renovation (part1)

Since we moved in we have only actually completed one room....the laundry room.  But room number two is well on it's way to fabulous.  So here is a little photo diary of what has been taking place.  First, we had to strip the sheet rock and replace it as well as the window due to mold and water issues.  Here is what that looked like:

And since we had to do all that work we scraped the acoustic ceilings as well.  Now, we are getting somewhere!  Scraping the popcorn (my son calls them the bumpy things) makes a world of difference.  Our Pastor came and mudded the walls and then sprayed the texture.  L.O.V.E.!!  I painted the ceilings a light grey color, 1. because I already had the paint and 2. because I figured it would look good with the hot pink that my daughter wanted on her walls rather than a stark white.  Can't forget about our fifth wall people. 

I had originally bought this color to go on my living room walls but once I got it up it wasn't the vision that I had seen in my head so it was a no go.  It looks like a substantial grey in the photos but in real life it shows very light.  And not wanting to reveal too much in this post here is the next step, notice how the grey doesn't look so dark anymore:

So what do you think of the paint color?  It's pretty wild, but my daughter is in love.  Do you have any in-your-face rooms in your house?

Do you like to party?  I do!!  I linked my post up to this party:  ....go check it out!!  Parties are a great place for inspiration!

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